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When you visit Scott County Chiropractic, you'll be treated by Dr. Gary Garcia. Dr. Garcia is an experienced chiropractor who feels a deep passion to help everyone live a healthy, clean life. In our office, you'll be treated with integrity, honesty, care, and loyalty.

Dr. Garcia goes above and beyond to keep you informed about the healthiest lifestyle possible. He stays up to date on all the latest techniques and health news. Your condition will be carefully evaluated, and we'll recommend a personalized wellness plan based on what can achieve the best results for you.

At Scott County Chiropractic, we believe that a healthy spine is a key to greater wellness. Your central nervous system runs through your spine, and when it's properly cared for, the rest of your body can communicate more efficiently. With proper communication, your body can heal itself more effectively.

You'll also receive life-altering wellness advice, including nutrition and weight loss guidance. We're devoted to providing you with the tools you need for a longer, happier, and healthier life. Let us share our plan for better wellness.
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Heal your spine
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Heal your body
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Heal your spirit
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