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Please take a few moments to read the kind words written by the people about Scott County Chiropractic. To schedule your appointment, please call us at 217-742-5702.
Great staff and I can't say enough about how caring Dr. G. is.

-Donna Lawrence

I've never been to an office with such loving and caring people! Always willing to work with anyone's schedule. I highly recommend this office to anyone of any age!!

- René Evans-Chapman

My family and I love Dr. G and the Scott County Chiropractic team! It's the place to go for all of your chiropractic needs.

- Erica Buster

Dr. Garcia is one of the most caring, inspired humans I have ever met. He always feels drawn to help anyone in his grasp to the fullest of his abilities. Anyone who knows this man will know this is true.

- Skali Garcia

Dr. Garcia and staff are awesome.

- Sheila Goza Daniels

My neck, upper-back, and lower-back pain was affecting my working out and sleep. I couldn’t ride in my car for more than 20 minutes without pain.  
I went to Dr. Garcia and he set me on a treatment plan that included adjustments to relax and strengthen my spine.  
Now my pain has been alleviated, my posture and overall mood has improved. My daily life and activities are no longer a hardship.
Dr. Garcia and staff genuinely care for their patients. My questions and concerns are always noted and addressed. I am able to concentrate on work and life again.

- Nicole E.

So proud of my son the chiro. Best neck adjuster I have ever had — and we all know how much I like having my neck adjusted. And schedule your next weight loss workshop for a week I am off so I can come.

- Janice Thomas Garcia

My major complaint was that my mid spine was in a lot pain especially when working with arm movement.
Dr. Garcia showed me ways to strengthen my core to support my spine. I can work without stopping due to pain. My body feels more agile and my posture has improved. Because of the treatment, and explanation of my issues I've found solutions that helped me to take better care of myself.
I really liked the focus and friendliness of the employees and the effect it had on my treatments.

- Kris H.

I have had severe headaches for years. I could not socialize, exercise or just be in a good mood. With adjustments, decompression, exercises, and electric stim, I can now sleep, I’m in a good mood all day and I am happy because I feel good.
I really am thankful to Dr. Garcia and staff , they gave me my life back. Aside from the amazing and knowledgeable care, they took time with me to explain what I needed to get better. They helped me to realize that I am worth it.

-Tina C.

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