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Scientific Weight Loss

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At Scott County Chiropractic, you'll find a skilled chiropractor who can help you lose weight and keep it off. In our office, we practice a variety of weight loss techniques that are designed to address the causes of your weight issues.

Losing weight can alleviate a wide variety of aches and pains and also improves our health by reducing fatigue. Call us today at 217-742-5702 to schedule your appointment.

Effective Metabolic Fat Loss

We use your DNA to design a weight loss plan that helps you shed pounds and stay healthy for a lifetime. We'll test your DNA and provide you with a personalized plan.

Beneficial Exercise Therapy

You can also have us work with you to develop specific therapeutic exercises. We'll teach the moves you need to make to correct spinal and neuromuscular conditions while you lose weight. Your whole body will feel better!
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